May 01

Jaden Storm: New Update Ideas!!!

So it turns out that Flirt allows up to 10 min video clips. So let me know what kind of different video clips you would like to see and what kind of fetishes you enjoy. You can post here if you would like or you can email me on flirt4free email to keep your response more private. Keep in mind with the time limit, i wont be cumming in every video. Some may just be workouts, muscle worship, feet worship, cock stroking, ass worship/teasing videos 😉 Let me hear your thoughts!

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Apr 30

Maxx Kenvert: On the Scales

It was 20:15, my mother had just left for work and I had stayed with my ex to talk about what we were going to do, keep trying our relationship or leave it altogether.We were talking until my phone rang, it was my mother- Sweetie, to go having dinner that we go to the aunt’s house to take her coffee and tomorrow you have class-OK, I leave the table set for you ??-No, it’s not necessaryThat’s where our conversation ended so I left my ex on the stairs waiting for me and gave my sister dinner.After my sister went to bed I went out again to continue talking when suddenly Jose (Let’s call him that) kissed me, I returned the kiss and began to raise the temperature in that flight of stairs, at that time we only existed him and me .We started to touch each other over the clothes but it was not enough, we wanted more so we started to undress, I went down his neck and his chest giving him kisses until the elastic of his boxer Calvin Klein which I bit and pulled him down releasing the 22cm shaved beast that I kept and that I was willing to go out and be blown as I was eager to free her and suck her.I sucked his glans with such pressure that it made the stop flowing, so that when I stopped sucking I would come back all at once. It looked just like when you put pressure on the fingertip until the skin turns white, and then you let go and see how it is colored again with . Alexander moaned. I could not get my full cock I did not have the experience for so much, but I let my instinct guide me, trying to pay attention to the places that, in my opinion, would be the ideals.I went down to their eggs and licked them, still masturbating. First one and then another. His fingers caressed my head as if he were pampering his puppy. For me it was a sign that I was doing my job well, which gave me more momentum to continue what I was doing.We were like that for 15 minutes until he turned me around and began to dilate my ass with his tongue to then expand it using his tongue and fingers at the same time, when he noticed that he was ready to impale me on his cock he sat on the third ladder waiting for me to sit and ride his cock, I sat and moaned the moment I noticed that the tip of the glans was hollow to enter followed by the rest of the thick limb. When he entered I waited 2 minutes for my anus to get used to That guest, as soon as my year got used to it, I started riding as if there was not a tomorrow.I was riding on about 20 that for me were a mixture of pleasure and pain of legs so much bouncing, so he decided to change his position, we got up and he put it in a single thrust so I hit a scream because I did not expect it .He fucked me hard against the wall while masturbating my member, after 10 minutes I told him I was about to cum and he kept giving me even harder until I felt like his cock increased the thickness, which meant that he was also going to cum.I felt that I was filling my ass with 6 strokes of good and tasty milk, as I still had not run (was a dot) bent over and put it in his mouth, as soon as his lips touched my cock it reacted by filling his mouth milk that he shared with me in a white and super romantic kiss, we said goodbye and we were to talk another day.As soon as I entered the house (I entered naked directly) I went to the bathroom and immediately my parents came in, FROM WHICH HE SAVED ME !!!!!Enviar comentarios

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Apr 27

Billy Rucker: My First Camming Day

Well it wasnt to bad of a first show…. Someone said i was the hottest guy on here…. Of course i know thats not true, but it did make me feel nice on the inside…. I didnt make any tips because im a little shy and awkward… However im hoping that will go away with time…. Ill be back on again later, just had to go do adulting… booo adulting, boooooooo

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Apr 26

Marc Willthom: Sex with Sissy Boy

I went to a shopping center, parked the car, took me to the trunk, finally despite the fact that people had opened the trunk, I got in, unbuttoned my pants and took off my penis, started to masturbate and passed his tongue, from above to down and down up, played a little in his testicles, his eyes were white, he moaned and I got more excited, every moment hard put his penis, and half of his stiffness could not put it to his mouth, possible because I love it, apart if it came to swallow a single bite, but finally when I had it completely hard, stiff, venous, I already felt that his penis exploded, suddenly I take the head and said “there I go fucking” , so I knew he would come but he did not let me take his penis out of my mouth, I exploded, I did not want to try it or anything like that, but I could not fit more than half, so I did, I do not know if I was so excited or because, it tasted delicious to me, I played with the semen in my mouth, finally I take out his pe ne of my mouth and said “open big”, I masturbate a little and release another semen discharge, I fell on the back and in the face, it was great, he said “that’s my whore, that’s why you’re my favorite”, I said “probably not the only one but it does not matter”, it was the first time I saw him in person, we talked before about Face and so, because we were made to see each other and it was the best, I would say that more than that, I fell in love, not Real or normal love, I do not know if I explain myself, but between doing it on the first date and then in a public place and that your trunk was very comfortable for that, let me do what I wanted that day with me afterwards

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