Aug 15

Michael Jenner: Rest with Friends Before the Show

Today was a very nice and productive day, I went out to share with my friends, before starting the show, and I met again with others that I have not seen for a long time. We shared while we played guitar and sang in a public park. That’s why I come with the best attitude to my show, where I will be dancing, singing and getting hotter and hotter. Come and have fun with me. Start from 11 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (Colombian time)

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Aug 15

Tom Sanderss: Kinky Day Under the Sun

I was so hot all day that I passed it naked and letting the neighbors spy on it, exciting to know when they look at you, so much so that I pressed my body several times in the windows tying myself with the curtains, cheers for the anonymous people who saw me and enjoyed it Thanks to them I enjoyed it much more, in my show I want to make a sexy strip tease in front of the mirror accompanied by rock and roll and then spray candle tears on my skin just as their eyes were.

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Aug 14

Nate Dolton: Let It All Hang Out!

Hey everyone!I hope you all find yourself well today! Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. This is my first two weeks here! I have been really loving all the great support and nice compliments you all have been giving. It’s awesome to hear the feed back!I am here and working on creating a awesome profile for you all! I hope to show you a little more of myself over time. As I am new to this kind of thing. Im learning how to break out of my shell. Its freeing! Come and see what I’m all about sometime!Let it all hang out!

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Aug 10

Tyler Webb: For Those of You Wondering...

I just came on cam not 10 minutes ago and im already fantasizing about the next time.. i dont know about you but i spend the entire day thinking about sexual scenarios and hot situation, it gets me really hot and bothered and i love coming home and actually being able to share that with a stranger online. the thought is extremely erotic and it gets me going every time ;)i think its time to cum again. try to keep up

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